MG Coaching & Consulting will work with you to set the stage for productive planning sessions. Our facilitation techniques will enhance productivity, participation, and results. Whether you are embarking on a new strategic plan, experiencing rapid growth, or implementing significant change in the workplace, we can help.

Professional facilitation enables all members of the team to fully participate in the planning session. We will also work with you to increase the effectiveness of time spent together as a team.  Most of our strategic planning processes include stakeholder analysis, either individual or focus groups along with trend analysis, competitive analysis, and a review of the current business model. We will also help organizations develop a strategy test, a set of questions that help the organization address opportunities and challenges that arise that are not covered in the strategic plan.

Packages will be designed around the needs of the client. Call or complete the contact form for a free quote or to learn more about how MG Coaching & Consulting can help.

Where we can help your team:

  • productivity
  • participation
  • results
  • communication
  • planning
  • goal setting