Wishing You Rest & Renewal!
Hello Gene,
What are your plans for the holidays?
Over the next couple of weeks, many businesses provide additional time off for the Christmas and New Year holidays. How will you be enjoying your time away from work?
Time with family and friends, relaxing in front of the television catching up on the latest popular series, or engaged in a hobby…are a few of the answers we hear to this question.
Almost two years into the Global Pandemic, burnout is at an all time high. Oftentimes, time off is offered as a remedy to burnout. Although it might seem counterintuitive, as we look forward to lying around in our pajamas doing nothing, research has shown that setting some loose goals for your time off can replenish and increase your happiness far more than simply doing nothing.
What personal goals could you set to get the most out of your time off? What activities give the greatest boost to your internal batteries?
We love spending time with our grandchildren and will be hosting them for “Christmas Camp” Dec 19-23. During this time our goal is to be fully present, sharing holiday traditions and creating new traditions with Stella (6) and Jackson (2). Being with them enables us to see old things through fresh eyes, reconnect with stories, crafts, and activities that we enjoyed as children, and catch their sense of awe and excitement.
We will also enjoy time with our extended families, appreciating this time together more than in past years, because the Pandemic prevented us from gathering last year.
And we hope to get away for a few days – just the two of us – with some spontaneous travel, based on the weather, in search of the Northern Lights finding joy in the incredible beauty of this planet.
Will this be perfect? Doubtful!
Will it be fun? Probably.
Will it enable us to return to our work January 3, 2022, with greater enthusiasm, fresh insights, and replenished spirits? Definitely!
We wish YOU a wonderful holiday break, with ample time for rest, AND the opportunity to do some things that make your heart sing!
So, what are your plans for the holidays? We’d really love to know!
Marian & Gene

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