Newsletter | September 2022

    View Our Services   MGC&C Celebrates 6th Anniversary! Hello Gene, September marks the 6th Anniversary of MG Coaching & Consulting! As Gene and I consider the importance of this milestone we are immediately filled with gratitude for the clients who have partnered with us over the years. Thank you! Each of you have [...]

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Newsletter | August 2022

We can help! View Our Services Build Better Connections with Better Questions Dear Gene, Last week, we had the opportunity to hear Vanessa Van Edwards speak on the science of connection. Her research on how leaders create meaningful relationships with their teams really resonated. We have done significant work with intact teams over the past [...]

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Newsletter | July 2022

View Our Services Be the Light... Hello Gene, It's July - the midpoint of Summer and the calendar year. How is your year going? Are you having the impact you hoped for? Have you made plans for some rest and relaxation? Summer can offer us an opportunity to reset and refocus, enabling us to accomplish [...]

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Newsletter | December 2021

How will you be spending your holiday time off? View Our Services Wishing You Rest & Renewal! Hello Gene, What are your plans for the holidays? Over the next couple of weeks, many businesses provide additional time off for the Christmas and New Year holidays. How will you be enjoying your time away from work? [...]

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